Introducing myself to the world…!!!

OK..Take a deep breathe and let’s start ………..Hello my name is Leena and I am from Egypt but I was born in the UAE , I am a 13 year old girl who goes to school like everyone else does ,I have 2 older brother Joe,and Seif. MY favorite thing to do is baking and cooking but mostly desserts, & the one that inspires me the most is such an amazing lady and her name is Zoe Sugg as known as Zoella on youtube( Anyways I want to share some childhood stories/memories. When I was younger about 3/4 years old I went through a very rough time my father which was the only person on this earth I loved the most , he was going through very very rough times too ….he was diagnosed with cancer but he tried  to survive but he didn’t……So that means that since I was a tiny tiny girl I didn’t have a father and that wasn’t something easy for me to take it as a normal thing that happened or if maybe someone famous died I wouldn’t cry as much as cried when my DAD died till now I sometimes have days I wouldn’t like to talk to anyone or even eat, get out of my room you could call like a “netflix and chill ” kinda day but more of a sad version of it it basically consists of crying and crying and crying it’s like when 2 love birds breakup afterwards I tried my best to not think about it much but I couldn’t when I went to school (second grade) I NEVER EVER liked to say anything about my dad and I wouldn’t say that my  dad died or anything I think it’s something like a big insecurity of mine and things kept getting big and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger then my mum realized that I was dealing with “anxiety” not only my dad’s story  I had other stories but they are a little bit “private” I think that this is becoming quite long so I am going to end here and come back later and continue

Thanks soo much for the person who is reading I hope that my blog posts would be fun and something that are enjoyable to read it is still my first time so please let me know what do you think when I do more posts should I stop or continue I think it is fun to start a blog and though this is my first one I think I am enjoying it lots of kisses xxxx


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