9 Days till christmas!!!






So these are just some pictures that have been chilling in my phone,some are funny some are just my favorite,so since 2015 is almost done I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures that I’ve seen on my phone. These photos are not ‘professionally’ ¬†captured so please no hate comments and also I am sooooo terribly sorry about that some of the photos aren’t cropped properly or how I would loved them to be like, just keep in mind I am still new to blogging and that way I haven’t been posting much lately and aslo because I am a student so I have more studing to do than blogging although it is a habbit of mine and it is very entertaining and I loved as much as I love supportive type of people, I try my freakin damn hard best to get the best. Anyways all what I wanted to say from all of this rambling and typing that much of stuff I just wanted to say I am sorry for not editing professionally but I hope you enjoy.



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