Winter Favorites


These are most of my favorites this winter there are some that I couldn’t insert in this picture but there are pictures of them don’t worry!!



I definitely have to have this in my favorites because its possibly my most worn scarf from my scarf heaven collection that I have.


You would recognize this blanket if you saw my Ikea mini haul, its literally the SOFTEST blanket I have ever owned I can’t tell you how soft it is.


on a scale from 1-10 how soft this fuzzy sock is, a solid 25… this is soooo soft yet fuzzy yet comfy to walk in they have little rubber things at the bottom that you din’t feel them but they make steady when walk, it from LCW.


This is a little overview of the BEAUTY related favorites


starting of by this AMAZING body butter from the body shop. It is in the scent MORINGA it may not be the scent that everybody likes but i personally like it in the winter times because of its scent and its consistency, because you don’t want a greasy texture during summer so that’s why I like to you this in winter.


I like to  use this mostly in winter because it has SPF50 which is good for me because I do get tan very quickly, so you may ask why would I use it when it is winter and there is usually no sun. Well where I live it sometimes get sunny so I have to use it when it is sunny and not very sunny you know JUST IN CASE haha.


This is lovely to use it in winter because no.1 its for all skin types and it moisture’s really good and it also have SPF and protects your face.


[starting from this picture will include also my semi face care night routine] This is not much to talk about this lip balm but, one only thing that I would like to say is, it is all natural ingredients and it keeps your lips moisturized.


This is AMAZING for you eyes specially under those demons…it also nice if you are young and you don’t like to use too much products so I sometimes when I am in a rush like to use it as a face moisturizer, and also it nice because it gives a tiny tiny coverage.


This isn’t just for winter, its perfect for all of seasons I like to use this as a moisturizer before I sleep and sometimes a also like to put it and steam my face.


Although I just said I like to moisturize with my jojoba oil before I sleep it doesn’t mean that I don’t try other products, I tried this before which is from the NUTRICANICS collection from The body shop too i did have a full size of it but I ran out of it and this is what I am stuck with it really good on my face it treats it so gently.


you may be shocked and ask yourself for what reason I would use castor oil, I actually use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows to grow them out, its very good also if you want to grow out your hair healthy and shiny, I also really recommend this brand because they sell all natural ingredients oils and also food for vegan and non-vegan people if you are just trying to be healthy I really recommend this brand they will help you to pick things that you will need for whatever you ask them for.


In would never be a winter/favorites without candles, these are some that I have been burning at the moments.


This one is very nice for the kitchen or spear rooms in my opinion they are fresh but little bit sweet scented, it from Ikea BTW.


This one is from a brand that I usually would get air spray refreshers, I was a little shocked when I saw that they sell candles, did you guessed it….it is GLADE, till now I have only 2 candles from this brand this is the one that I like the most it is called french vanilla if you are not a sweet scent fan I wouldn’t recommend it because it is a very sweet scent.


This one doesn’t have a name but it is from is a sweet scent but not as sweet as the french vanilla one so if you can get the scent of not so sweetie scents I do recommend this one.


I know that this favorites should be about things that I have bin loving in a month / season, but as being a dog lady I do have a dog if you haven’t noticed already myself and my dog have been loving some stuff, and no I am not a dog haha its just things that made me feel that my dog is safe or loving the things that I give him.


This has been his absolute favorite treat at the moment I have tried many different treats but they were the ones that they just it in one go (biscuits, jelly one,etc..) but these chicken knotted bones in BBQ flavor are his favorite.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Now this is very good for people like myself who would like to train there dogs to pee/poo inside the house not outside, you basically you just drop couple of drops in the area you want you dog to pee/poo in it then gradually your dog will go and sniff in that area and he will do the job in there, of course not from the first time your dog will go to that place and pee/poo in there it takes time and practice, and I would always recommend asking doctors about it and doing some researches.




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