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    It is midterm exams time!!!! Not so exciting I know. Exams can get a little bit hard sometimes, sometimes it is hard because you may have problems in your house so it kind of affects on you or you may have no problems but you a little bit lazy to study OR you may not be very lazy but you don’t know from to start. Well I’ve got your back, these are some tips that I have used and they helped me a lot it my not work for everybody, but it has worked for me A LOT these couple of years.


Tip 1: drink a cup of coffee/tea I really suggest any minty,pepperminty flavor because it is very good for you and it will wake you up a little bit. Also having a healthy breakfast, if not have something that will energize you so you are fresh and awake for the studying time.

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Tip 2 : Make a comfy area but avoid your bed, couch. Why to avoid them??…Avoid them because you don’t want to get really comfy then you may fall asleep, or you may not be concentrating very well. I really like to make my comfy area by grabbing couple of pillows maybe having my favorite stuffed animal, also some blankets and I really like to have a small table beside so I could put any books pens,pencils etc. also candles,candles just always put me in the mood,you can also decorate, I would only decorate if it going to be a permanent place, but to be fair I don’t always do this it really depends on the subject that I am studying.

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This is just a little up close pic. for the comfy set up that I’ve made.You can also use it as a background if you film YouTube videos, or for sleepovers but instead of studying books and novels have books that you read or spooky scary stories etc.

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Tip 3: Have breaks, make sure you always have some breaks at the middle while you are studying. If you didn’t you will get very bored and end up not studying very well. Have a snack break, maybe a YouTube break,Netflix, but when doing a YouTube/Netflix….break DON’T go over-bored don’t watch too many YouTube videos or Netflix episodes keep them limited so maybe 1 episode from what ever series you are watching and 2 videos maybe 1 long video etc. You can also have breaks like call your friend (still keeping the limit), bake/cook something simple etc.

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Tip 4: I call this tip “treat your self” tip, what you do is you treat your self with one of your favorite sweet.So when you finish reading one chapter or finish one lesson you treat yourself with the sweet,it doesn’t have to be a sweet it could be going out or something but I would say going out would be if you finished a big thing like finishing a chapter in science or grammar etc.

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Tip 5: Highlighting. This really does help but if you are doing it right. I used to highlight anything but when you highlight the key words or the VERY VERY important notes it will really help you on what to focus on.

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Tip 6: Index cards. You may use index cards when doing speeches or making a presentation of something, you can use them in many different ways, one of them is to write a word, or synonym  on a side and the definition on the  other. So you can study them by reading the definition then guessing the synonym, or to read the word and guess the definition.



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Those are my tips that have had helped me through out the year, hope

that they will help you please let me know

if that have had, or not.




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