Whats in my bag?!

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Wanna now whats in my bag….well here it is. Not gonna write much or ramble so let’s just get into it.

2016-01-24 02.15.01 1.jpg

Every person have a bag full of random things but today I wanted to show you my essentials that I keep in my bag. The most important thing I have to keep is a notepad or some sort of copybook something that I can list in it things I need or things I have to do. Second comes my headphones I have to have headphones because I like to listen to music on my way because usually my mum drives me everywhere and sometimes she doesn’t like to listen to music with me so I pop my headphones or earphones on. Then comes my instax camera, I don’t always carry it around with me but it depends on where I am going. Then we have  probably the most important thing which is my phone I don’t have much to talk about my phone its just a normal phone haha. Then there are 2 products that I can’t get out of the house without them which are a lip-balm and deodorant, I don’t know why it is like having my phone everywhere I just have to have both of them everywhere. Second to last  comes my sunglasses I don’t carry them also every time I go out it also depends if it is at night I obviously won’t get them if it is sunny I would.
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Last thing is also very important which is a portable charger because you just never now when will your phone dies.


This is the bag that you would see me wearing it all the time it nice and big but not to big its the perfect size it is comfortable and easing to use which is the most important thing in my opinion to have in a bag. It is from a store called ‘Dejavu’ it is in Egypt, you can by it online too if you don’t have this store where you live. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset



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