Favorite skin care products

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There are oily, dry, combination skin types. Mine is combination my T-zone part is usually the most oily part in my whole body, so I have to treat  my face in a good way so the I control the oily bits but still having soft and clear skin. So I have decides to show you couple of things I have been using not regularly but still use and till you about them.

DISCLAIMER: before using any of these products ask a skin doctor or a skin therapist, so you can know if the product would work for your skin or not.

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Starting of by night time products.These products are all from Olay they are the ‘total effects all in 1’ collection, you can find them in beauty shops or in some high street/ drugstore shops. Starting from the right, this is a night firming moisturizer, its mainly for anti-aging but you can use it  before aging so you won’t get wrinkles growing up.Then comes in the complete normal/dry/combo night cream, it is designed for many different skin types to give your skin everything that it needs most at night to help maintain and improve the healthy look for your skin. Eye cream is very important, this though has been my second favorite eye cream I have used many different brands, I do also recommend the vitamin E eye cream from the body shop I have used it before but I ran out of it and silly me thew it, but this then came into my collections and I have been loving it so much it is an eye transforming cream it is also an anti-aging.

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We then come to the body shop products. Starting by the Nutriganics collection, first there is the drops of youth. Youth- enhancing concentrate for smoother-looking skin. Enriched with criste-marine plant stem cells. Then there is the smoothing night cream same as the drops of youth.

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Then there is the vitamin E collection which is for all skin types. The Illuminating moisture cream basically describes its self, Luminous moisture with super-fine light-reflectors and vitamin E protection. Then there is the Moisture cream, Daily antioxidant protection and moisturizer.

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Now we’ve got the vitamin C, i don’t really use this much because it is a little bit too much for my skin, but it is very nice for dull skin( I only use this in my forehead which is the spottiest place ever). So the skin boost, instant smoothing radiance, with vitamin C rich amazonian camu camu and community Trade Brazil nut oil. Then the Daily moisturizer it has SPF 30 which is awesome. It is basically same as the skin boost but it has SPF 30 and it moisturize.

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If you want a healthy skin treat it kindly, so you will wash it no matter what this is the one that I have been using for years as you can see I am running out of it, and yes it is a little bit on the pricey side but I couldn’t find anything high street alternative for it, but to treat your skin well you will have to buy good trusty products. This is the bioderma purifying cleansing foaming gel it is for combo/oily skin and the most important thing for face washes and also shampoos they should be paraben free.

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The last product is just something that I wanted to through in there because it is very important to protect your skin from sun burns and sun in general. It is again pricey but you have to protect your skin, it is the avéne very high protection and water resistance with SPF guess what 50 it is also broad with UVB and UVA protection.


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Now if you really want that glowy healthy looking skin DRINK WATER.


That is it guys these were the products I have tried and wanted to she=are them with you hope you enjoined it, and also don’t forget to ask a doctor about your ‘skin situation’ because you can’t just use any product straight ahead like that.




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    • it does differs from a skin to another couple of my friends tried there products it wasn’t affecting them at all so you can really tell that it does differ. thank so much I am glad that you liked it


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