mini picnic party!

So before going on holiday I wanted to plan things that me and my friends can do together and things that we don’t do regularly. So I told them the idea of having a picnic by the beach at night when its all nice and calm. So these are picture that I took there.Also a quick mention its always very important to get inspiration from other social networks or friends in my case I stayed searching for hours and hours on pintertest and YouTube.We also didn’t do that much because we didn’t really have the time to do any of the ideas that I planned to do but hopefully next time I’ll be able to do it.DSCN1348DSCN1347DSCN1346DSCN1345DSCN1344DSCN1343DSCN1337DSCN1336DSCN1335DSCN1334DSCN1333DSCN1332DSCN1310DSCN1311DSCN1312DSCN1313DSCN1324DSCN1328DSCN1329DSCN1330DSCN1331DSCN1313DSCN1311DSCN1312DSCN1310DSCN1316DSCN1324DSCN1328DSCN1329DSCN1330DSCN1331DSCN1348DSCN1347DSCN1346DSCN1345DSCN1344DSCN1343DSCN1337DSCN1336DSCN1335DSCN1334DSCN1333DSCN1332

                                           Things that I am wearing and decoration


skirt: bershka





  • oceanside: bathandbodyworks
  • Tindra: ikea
  • Tropical fruit: Walmart
  • small non-sented: ikea

pillow: ikea



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