Little life update

So as you can see I haven’t been posting for the past month or so tbh I don’t have an excuse but I don’t have any content to post. Sorry. So I just wanted to do this update, and yes I can have some days where I don’t post for a period of time, you know sometimes I don’t feel it, its just sometimes I am not happy by the “product” so I get frustrated and anxious when I shouldn’t really be frustrated or anxious because its not a job to post blog posts or pictures its more like a habit and something I love doing so if I don’t post a lot or regularly its not that I don’t want to post anymore its just what I mentioned earlier, and yeah that’s all what I think I wanted to say but I will try to make more effort and TRY to upload more. I love you lots and thank you for the couple of people who supported since I started this blog and also to my friends. Also wanted to know if you want me to do a live show on younow. okay that’s enough..bye haha


you can find me on



snapchat: leena.hassan12


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