Furry friend tag!

When owning a dog a lot of people will ask you some questions. So instead of rambling I decided to do this tag to ask some of the questions and just for fun, also at the there are some photos and video shots from the first day we got him till now. Hope you enjoy ! 🙂

1. What is your animal’s name?


2. What type of pet is it and what breed?

A dog, mixture of Cocker spaniel and griffon.

3. How long have you had your pet friend?

Almost two years.

4. How did you receive your pet?

We (myself, brother and my mum) adopted him from a friend .

5. How old is the pet?

A year and a half.

6. What are some quirky aspects of your pet’s personality?

He is very friendly, hyper , loves to play, love kids, he is very smart and learns pretty quickly, not as needy as most people think.

 7. What does your connection with your dog imply to you?

He is very loyal as most dogs are, he understands when I am not feeling well or mad at him, basically the cutest little creature EVERRR.

8. What are your favorite past times with your dog?

Well, there are a lot

He makes us laugh a lot with his silly actions, but one of my favorite times would have to be the morning cuddles he gives us, its just the cutest.

9. What are some of your pet’s nicknames?

Poory, Prince, Puppy,and it goes on on and on.

You can see Caspar at the beach  HERE.

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