Summer skin care

The heat, chlorine, salt water and humidity can damage the skin during the summer time. So I wanted to show some tips and my favorite products, hope you enjoy.


First favorite product/tip, is to make sure you cleanse your face every morning and evening specially a evening time to take of all the dirt.

At the moment I have been using a daily scrub from  Renewal following by the Neutrogena cream wash.


As we all know its very important to moisturize but its also important to use a moisturizer that has SPF in it, at the moment I am using this for days where I need moisture while having SPF this is from The body shop


This is a good moisturizer but it doesn’t have SPF but you can follow with a good sunblock this is the l’OREAL hydra total gel cream.


We can’t forget about the lips though, I have three of my favorite the first one is QV lipbalm it has SPF 30 which is amazing and moisturizes at the same time the second one and the third one doesn’t have SPF but they are moisturizing they are from the body shop the first one is frosted plum and the second  one is born lippy in raspberry.



You can also use moisturizer then following it by an SPF cream I have these two which I have rave about A LOT, they are the Avène sunblock and the ISIS pharma sunblock. The avene one gives more of a matte finish while the ISIS pharma one glides on better and more liquidy than the other but both work amazingly


Its also nice to treat your self every now and then by using a cleansing mask or firming etc…. I love this one from clean and clear, I am sorry I couldn’t find the exact same one online.


We all breakout! This product is really good for acne it is a treatment from Renewal.


This isn’t really necessary but I though just to show you if you want to extract blackheads or other things (I now it sounds disgusting)


This is the blackhead removal thingy it basically comes with different tools as you can see everyone works for a specific extraction of something it is really hard to explain so its better to check the link I linked to you guys for in depth info.



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