Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies


Recently my brother came with an amazing jar of unsalted caramel and, I was like gimme this jar!!

I then wanted to do something with it for you guys so I came up with this salted caramel cookie recipe, its mainly a recipe from Tanya Burr’s blog(  and added my little touch in it.

This recipe is so easy to make you can make with or with out salted caramel you can change the flavoring as you like. So let’s hop straight into it.

                                                Things you’ll need are:

275g. flour

300g. sugar

200g. butter (at room temperature)

1 large egg

75g. unsweetened cocoa

chocolate as much as you like and any kind will work too

dash of milk (in case if the dough becomes more stiff)


Pop your oven on to 200 degrees celsius
Cream together your butter and sugar
Crack in your egg
Stir in all the dry ingredients
Add a dash of milk if your mixture is looking dry
Break up all of your chocolate and throw it in, using your hands to get it into the dough
Line 2 trays with baking paper (the cookies will spread in the oven so don’t place them close together)
Pick up a 10 small handfuls of cookie dough and place them onto your trays
Pop them into the oven for 11 minutes – I have found this to be the perfect baking time. When you get them out they will not look cooked, it is vital you know this, as it will be very tempting to leave them in for longer and then they’ll be hard and overcooked once they are cool. Just take your cookies out after 11 minutes and leave them to cool for about 30 minutes.
Now enjoy a deliciously warm, melt in your mouth cookie with a nice cup of tea!
Share with friends and family (optional)

If you recreate these cookies make sure you hashtag it with #leenabakes & it will make my day! byeeee






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